YWCA Metro St. Louis

Racial Justice

Internal Programs

Inside the YWCA, we apply a racial justice lens to all our work.

  • Head Start and Early Head Start centers pay attention to how educational inequities can start early in life. Parents and staff members of our centers learn about racial identity formation in children and how racial equity issues affect family employment, housing, health, and other dynamics.
  • Educating about and responding to domestic violence and sexual assault, our staff is informed about the impacts of race in healthcare, policing, courts and other systems with which they interact.
  • Our Y Teens programs help girls and young adult women more successfully navigate in a world where racism and sexism exert their influences.

Community Racial Justice Initiatives

These activities or services are free of charge to participants.

Witnessing Whiteness - Facilitated group book study and dialogue for people who identify as white to learn about the construction of white identity and culture, white supremacy and privilege. Groups begin each year in January - February and again in August - September and meet bi-weekly over 20 weeks. Read more...

Mosaic - Facilitated group dialogue and discussion designed for people of color (truly people of the global majority!) to heal from the effects of racism and gain support and solidarity with others. A group for African-heritage (black or African American) participants will begin meeting bi-weekly in January - February. Read more...

Catalyst Circles - New in 2017! In partnership with FOCUS Impact Fellows, we are launching a year-long cross-racial dialogue program. Read more...

So Reel - Public convenings scheduled throughout the year utilizing media, speakers and authors, and others to delve into issues related to race and racism. These one-time sessions promote solution-seeking and offer resources for continuous learning. Read more...

Community Presentation - We promote racial justice and civil rights every place and anytime we can. Interactive presentations, media and other resources will help your group or organization to communicate and work effectively across differences.

Intersectional Liberation - "Peace, justice, freedom, and the dignity for all people" is part of the YWCA mission statement. It is impossible to separate out the effects of racism from the way that other identities (gender, age, class, sexual orientation, religion, ability, to name few) impact our lives. Our identities intersect and so too does our work for equity.

Contracted Racial Justice Services

Customized Consultations and Presentations
From "Diversity 101" to more customized approaches to racial justice, the YWCA will work with you to design and deliver half-day, full-day, or multiple sessions. Grow the capacity of your staff to think about race and apply a racial equity lens to decision-making processes. Align and accelerate your racial equity work. Learn how to develop performance goals at both the individual and organizational levels. Create an organizational culture based on best-practices and evidence-based solutions.

Fees for services are negotiated on a per project basis. For information, contact Mary Ferguson at mferguson@ywcastlouis.org.