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Emerging Entrepreneurs Program



According to a recent survey of young people, one-quarter of the respondents were more inclined to want to start a business than pursue other career opportunities. Acting on youth interest in entrepreneurship, YW-Teens is pleased to offer Emerging Entrepreneurs.

Emerging Entrepreneurs is a year-round economic empowerment program that introduces area high school students to entrepreneurship through hands-on, interactive activities and learning relevant to the real world and their interests and level of understanding. Students discover the risk and rewards of entrepreneurship; explore entrepreneurship as a possible career path; and build transferrable skills such as problem-solving, setting goals, effective communication and cooperative teamwork. Activities included in the Emerging Entrepreneurs Program include:

elevator pitch competition designed for students to apply and practice ‘elevator pitch’ techniques along with other business skills by making presentations to complete for funding and other start-up resources. A networking lunch is included to allow students to interact in-person with local entrepreneurs and business leaders. A 50-minute elevator pitch prep session is available upon request and teaches students basic “elevator pitch” techniques and prepares students to successfully complete in the Emerging Entrepreneurs Elevator Pitch Competition.

emerging entrepreneurs institute is a 6-week course (approximately 9 hours) held on the campuses of partnering high schools. Classroom lessons and activities are student-centered. The course is designed to provide participants with knowledge about entrepreneurship, how to develop a business idea and teaches students how to own and operate their own business. The course includes an end-of-course business plan competition.

emerging entrepreneurs showcase builds upon the entrepreneurial skills of students who have participated in other Emerging Entrepreneurs activities. Through a combination of interactive workshops and dynamic speakers these potential entrepreneurs will hone business and life skills such as effective communication, decision making, professionalism, and customer service, etc. Students will have opportunities to network with program peers and successful adult entrepreneurs and receive feedback through individual business concept judging.


participant quotes

 I liked the feedback given and the new knowledge of how I can really start a new business.”- high school student

 “It [The Emerging Entrepreneurs Program] opens up a wide variety of different entrepreneurial skills.”– high school student


For more information about Emerging Entrepreneurs, contact yw-teens at 314.531.1115 or ywteens@ywcastlouis.org