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Recognize Your Leaders

YWCA Leaders in the Workplace Program

Leaders in the Workplace is a program that St. Louis area companies/organizations can use to recognize, motivate and cultivate their outstanding women employees.

Why Employee Recognition?

Participation in YWCA Leader Lunch will:

  • Show your company cares about its high performers
  • Provide you with a very cost-effective recognition program to help retain high-achieving employees
  • Contribute to the St. Louis community by supporting YWCA programs that empower women, develop youth and fight racism in our community.

Women now account for nearly half of the U.S. workforce. By the year 2050, they will be the largest single group of employees. You’ve probably already recognized women among your company’s current and future leaders; therefore, you know how they work hard to get the job done. Use YWCA Leader Lunch to motivate, recognize and inspire them.

In addition to the women in your organization, there are also opportunities to honor your customers, vendors, and outstanding entrepreneurs through Leader Lunch and Leaders in the Workplace. By publicly recognizing the exceptional women in the community, you can deepen external relationships and client loyalty.

Benefits of Leaders in the Workplace

Getting Started

For more information please contact our Development Office at 314-531-1115 x 5230.


Why Employee Recognition?

Your most important asset:
Organizations’ most important assets are their people, who are influenced by job satisfaction, commitment to the organization and intrinsic motivation.

Creative Acknowledgment:
To maintain competitive advantage and keep the best employees and highest performers, organizations need to creatively acknowledge and recognize their work.

Satisfied employees impact your bottom line:
In addition to gains a company recognizes by keeping their best performers, there are inherent costs to attrition, hiring, training, absenteeism and mediocre performance.

The overall benefit:
A good employee recognition program should give employees something to work towards, in addition to providing an opportunity to have fun. Some of the perks of a great employee recognition program are goal setting, bonding and increased teamwork and permanent memories of the recognition.


Benefits of Leaders in the Workplace Program


  • At the Leader Lunch event in the program, on the video, and publicly recognized as a group with 1,200 leaders in the St. Louis business community
  • In the media
  • On the YWCA website and in the YWCA Eye on Women newsletter
  • Opportunities for recognition within your company


  • Certificate of recognition
  • Group photo at the event
  • Memories of being valued by the organization
  • Opportunities for networking and mentoring
  • Attend the Leader Lunch event
  • Invitation to the exclusive Academy Reception
  • Post-event connection with this year’s Academy Members and other Leaders in the Workplace
  • Learn from past Academy Members at individualized speaker’s bureau


Getting Started

Suggested Criteria

Select women who have:

  • Shown outstanding performance in their respective fields
  • Shown exemplary leadership
  • Worked for your organization for at least five years, or who have recently joined your company and would benefit from networking with other successful women
  • Just earned a degree or received additional certification in a specific area relating to their employment
  • Been reliable and productive
  • Volunteered for a project and made a significant contribution
  • Been a key support person in the office
  • Been identified as ready to retire and would benefit from company recognition

Getting Started

  • Select a chair and recruit a committee to develop your internal nomination and selection process.
  • Determine your selection criteria.
  • Start the nomination process.
  • Develop an internal communication process to publicize who has won.