YWCA Metro St. Louis

Allie's Story

We have been working with Allie a young adult victim of human trafficking for several months. Allie had been trafficked as a teenager and ended up in an abusive relationship with a man that she at one time believed loved her. When we began working with Allie she had to flee her home because her boyfriend was becoming increasingly violent with her. Allie's boyfriend also was at time trafficking her sexually in order to support his drug habit. The morning Allie decided to get away from him he had threatened to kill himself and her while they were in the car together and he was driving erratically. He had also threatened to kidnap or even kill her cat George. 

Allie was afraid but reached out to law enforcement officers from a specialized unit of detectives that partner with the YWCA's crisis intervention services in working with victims of human trafficking. We were able connect Allie with multiple resources including emergency safe shelter, temporary shelter for her cat George since the safe shelter couldn't accept George. We were also able to assist Allie with other basic emergency needs and assistance. Now Allie is living in a safe apartment and working full time. We continue to provide personal safety planning and law enforcement advocacy to Allie as she is gaining independence and for the first time in many years starting to feel safe. 

Don't try to survive sexual violence alone. The YWCA Metro St. Louis provides support for anyone surviving trafficking or sexual violence. Call us for help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 314-531-RAPE (7273).